Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1979 "Back to the Egg" Documentary

Rare British documentary focusing on Paul's return to Liverpool on tour. Fascinating clips of various locals who knew him as a boy. Some odd moments, with Paul not seemng particularly enthusiastic about it all at times (I think he was going through "a phase," as my mother would say), and he even sounds a bit confrontational. But it is surprisingly real and not the usual packaged product from Paul.  His old teacher (who looks very uncomfortable)  reports that he only saw Paul once since graduation, when Paul returned to repay his wife "a sixpence" that he had borrowed to see a movie.  Now why was he borrowing money from his teacher's wife....

There are a few amusing moments, such as when a clueless reporter notes at a McCartney family gathering that his family is tight, and Paul replies, "Well, they'll be tight in a minute." There is a strong class undercurrent throughout that is just... odd, with Paul going on about how his kids are in public school and how, despite unemployment rates, everyone can still get ahead in life just like he did.  He says that his job as a musician has become boring, "just like your job."

We get to see brother Michael, Auntie Jin, sister Susie, and cousin Ian.  Includes a couple of interesting Wings performances of Beatles tunes ("Got to Get You Into My Life" and "Yesterday"),  and no Wings numbers, which again is just ... odd.

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