Sunday, March 4, 2012

Biker Like An Icon

From the "Off the Ground" cd in 1993. One of Paul's more unique videos, in which he does not appear at all. It has a 50's vibe, with film noir elements, and a jarring theme of a woman's unrequited love. It was released as a 12" jukebox single. Visually stunning, my take on this is that Paul was doing this in the style of Billy Joel. An interesting one off, if you will, not to everybody's taste for sure, but one of Paul's sexier videos with disturbing undercurrents.

The lyrics are ambiguous, which is part of what gives it a strange feel. Paul says he did that intentionally. The girl in the video, dressed in a black leather catsuit and acting provocatively, just throws this off into the Twilight Zone of Paul videos. Some claim this has something to do with Paul's relationship with his daughter Heather, who took up with Billy Idol to her father's horror. Who knows? Some people hate this song, I find it catchy and the video... intriguing.

It's rare to see a woman portrayed as desperate for a man, perhaps even physically rebuffed by him, and abandoning everything to pursue him, at least in a mainstream video.  So, add this to the short list of Paul songs that are edgy and not quite politically correct, such as "Give Ireland Back to the Irish" and "Temporary Secretary."

According to Paul, he was up in his attic when Linda got a new camera - a Leica - and it made him think of the title. The song followed from there. Apparently, if you say to Paul, "Pass the salt, please," he will come up with a song about it. And, no, that is not an exaggeration.

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