Thursday, March 22, 2012

Come and Get It (live)

Paul McCartney Come and Get It
Paul McCartney performs "Come and Get It" in Bologna, Italy, November 2011.

"Come and Get It" is one of Paul McCartney's most underrated songs. Paul performed it publicly for the first time in Bologna, Italy, November 2011. Many people do not associate "Come and Get It" with Paul because he handed the song off to Badfinger, but he wrote and produced the song for them. It's as much a McCartney song as "Yesterday" or "Let It Be."

Paul McCartney Come and Get It

In 1969, Paul was hired to write the score for a Peter Sellers film, "The Magic Christian." He prepared "Come and Get It" for a new group that he assembled, "Badfinger." That song propelled Badfinger into the limelight and created an entire successful career for its members (and that is no exaggeration, they re-used this song in 1978 when they needed a new record contract). Aside from the (famous) demo of "Come and Get It" that he whipped out one morning before an "Abbey Road" session, Paul McCartney never recorded or performed this publicly at any other time prior to this (to my knowledge). Note that Paul speaks pretty good Italian, which I'm sure for him was about as easy as learning to play the drums or produce his own records or organize a world tour or any of the other amazing things that Paul McCartney does.

Paul McCartney Come and Get It


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