Saturday, March 10, 2012

Come and Get It


All right, so what do you do if you come into work an hour before everyone else and you have nothing special to do while you wait. You:
  1. grab some coffee and flirt with the co-worker down the hall, 
  2. go outside for a walk, 
  3. call your friend on the phone or spend the hour texting or playing on the computer, 
  4. you prepare a complete demo of a song you've written by playing all of the instruments yourself before your co-workers arrive.
If you guessed D, then you understand what it means to be Paul McCartney and why he deserves every accolade he's ever gotten.


Paul McCartney then gave "Come and Get It" to Badfinger, and they recorded it. Badfinger basically was a group that Paul put together in order to record "Come and Get It" and a couple of other songs that he was writing for a motion picture ("The Magic Christian"). Badfinger got their first top ten hit with "Come and Get It." Basically, "Come and Get It" made the group, and they re-used it in 1978 to get another recording contract. Just all in an hour's work for Mr. McCartney. Incidentally, according to a recent Rolling Stones article, Paul McCartney still goes to work at Abbey Road Studios early each morning when he's working on a project and gets right down to business just as he did in 1968.



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