Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Early Wings Footage August 1972 "Wild Life"

Paul and Wings Pull Off a Terrific Rendition of "Wild Life"

Early Wings footage, apparently from The Hague, Holland, August 20, 1972.  The band sounds tight and the concert footage and stage videos are a trip back in time. Paul is in fine form, wish the rest of the concert were available.

"Wild Life" is a fabulous environmental anthem from back before it was cool. What a concert this must have been for those lucky enough to be there. You can tell they are putting everything into this song, nothing is assumed as perhaps during the "Wings Over America" days when they knew they were a hit and just had to show up and sing whatever. I think what I'm trying to say is that he sounds strong, alive, in control and powerful, no wimpy, playful Paul here.

The album version is not nearly as good as this live performance. In fact, the entire album probably was Wings' worst. But this is a great performance of a song that is great when done right, showing that sometimes it's all about the presentation. I'm told the entire concert is available somewhere.

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