Saturday, March 10, 2012

(I Want to) Come Home

I Want To Come Home

"(I Want To) Come Home" is a song Paul McCartney wrote for the 2009 Robert De Niro film "Everybody's Fine." No, I don't remember the film either, and Paul has a mixed track record with movie scores. "Live and Let Die," for instance, led to one of McCartney's greatest hits, while "Give My Regards to Broad Street," well, didn't. "(I Want to) Come Home" is a nice enough song, but more in the latter camp than the former. However, inevitably, if you say anything negative about a McCartney song, someone, somewhere will say that it is their favorite song, so let's just say that it is a fairly routine McCartney song and leave it at that. Strangely enough, "(I Want to) Come Home" is not included on the film's soundtrack.

I Want To Come Home

"(I Want To) Come Home" was just a download, not on any albums, and Paul collaborated on the orchestration with Dario Marianelli (who does not get official credit). It was nominated for a Golden Globe. Paul, as with much of his "independent" work, plays all of the instruments himself. There are lots of clips from the film in the video and of Paul singing at the piano. "(I Want To) Come Home" is kind of a mournful song, though maybe you will think it just sentimental, or hopeful, or something else entirely. But to me, it is mournful. "(I Want To) Come Home" also marked a low-point in Paul McCartney's career (yes, he does have them, but he always escapes them) in 2010 which he only began climbing out of with "My Valentine" the following year.

I Want To Come Home


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