Friday, March 9, 2012

No Other Baby

This is Paul's cover of a '50s tune for "Run Devil Run (1999)." It has a certain poignancy - with its themes of isolation, alienation and deprivation - considering it was his first release after Linda's death. Not a big hit, but I don't think he did this album to make hits. It was more personal. One gets the impression that Paul sorts through his emotions at least in part through his work. That wouldn't be at all unusual, particularly since the man always seems to be working. If you take that leap, then there are disturbing images in this video, such as the implication that he just doesn't care anymore by allowing his legs to dangle near circling sharks. Making his way through storms and ice - signifying emotional coldness, or barrenness - could be interpreted as reflections on his then-current emotional state. Or he may just be playing to what his audience expected him to be feeling, you can never be too sure how much is genuine and how much is pure artifice. "A song written by Dickie Bishop and Bob Watson, originally recorded in 1957 by Dickie Bishop and The Sidekicks. Early cover versions were recorded by The Vipers (1958) and Bobby Helms (1959)."

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