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Old Siam, Sir

Old Siam Sir paulmccartney.filminspector.com
The sleeve for the "Old Siam, Sir" single features a fried egg.

Paul McCartney tries out his "Coming Up" voice on "Old Siam, Sir" and it works. This is the lead single (released one week prior to the album) from the 1979 "Back to the Egg" album. While "Back to the Egg" has a sketchy reputation with many Wings fans, "Old Siam, Sir" is considered by many to be the best track on it. Parlophone/EMI released "Old Siam, Sir" on 1 June 1979 in the United Kingdom, backed with "Spin it On." The single only hit No. 35 in the United Kingdom and No. 29 in Ireland, essentially closing out Wings' storied career there (with the exception of some quasi-Wings releases such as "Wonderful Christmastime" and the live version of "Coming Up"). In the United States, "Old Siam, Sir" (combined with "Arrow Through Me," which actually was the "A" side there) peaked at No. 29, also a fairly disappointing result after the great success of "Goodbye Tonight."

Old Siam Sir paulmccartney.filminspector.com

For some reason, the single sleeve features a fried egg at the center. The drummer is Steve Holly, who just happened to live in a village where Denny Laine moved in the 1970s and auditioned in the basement of Paul's London offices at Soho Square. Holly was hired after playing for a couple of hours and first played on "With A Little Luck." Incidentally, the cover of "Back to the Egg" was photographed by John Shaw of Hipgnosis. Linda McCartney came up with the album title. Paul hired Keff and Co. to film a set of promotional films for "Back to the Egg," and the songs are best remembered by those films now.

Lyrics to "Old Siam, Sir":
In a village in
Old Siam Sir
Lived a lady
Who lost her way
In an effort
To find a man, sir
She found herself
In the old U.K.
*She waited round
In Walthamstow
She scouted round
In Scarborough
In a village
In old East Ham sir
She met a fellow
Who made her reel
Took her rushes
To show his mam Sir
Met his dad
At the wedding meal
In a letter from
Old Siam Sir
Came a terrible
Tale of woe
She decided
The only answer
Was to get up
A pile of dough
When a relative
Told her man sir
He directed her
Not to stay
In a village in
Old Siam Sir
Lives a lady
Who lost her way
**In a village in
Old Siam Sir
Lived a lady
Who lost her way
In an effort to
Find her man sir
She found herself in
The old U.K.
Repeat *
Repeat **

Old Siam Sir paulmccartney.filminspector.com


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