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Put It There

Put It There
"Put It There" sleeve, with an original drawing by Paul McCartney on the cover.

"Put It There" is the fourth single off of "Flowers in the Dirt," this was a minor hit in England in 1990, where it hit No. 32, and is largely unknown in the United States. McCartney has not included "Put It There" on any compilation albums and Paul rarely performs it. The 7-inch single is notable for including as the "B" side a 1972 Wings song, "Mama's Little Girl," while the 12-inch single includes the 1978 Wings song "Same Time Next Year. These to date have been the final Wings song released on singles.

Put It There

Paul has said about "Put It There":
The song was originally inspired by my dad who used the expression regularly. ‘Put it there, if it weighs a ton,’ he would say. Growing up I heard this expression a lot when he was shaking hands with anyone! So I have an affection for the phrase. When we were doing the video I explained this to the filmmakers, and so it really is to do with me and my dad. But then the next generation is me and my kids. So it’s to do with family. It’s to do with parents and kids. Or just anyone who wants to shake hands.
McCartney also has said:
Put It There” is what my dad used to say: “Put it there, if it weights a ton”. He had loads of mad expressions, my dad. He was a great guy, and like a lot of these Liverpool guys, you never think about it until years later, when you’re grown up and it’s ‘What did he mean?
If Paul McCartney lives long enough, eventually he will make a song about pretty much every phrase he's ever heard.

Put It There

Parlophone released the single (according to the liner notes by Geoff Baker) because of a positive crowd reaction to the song at concerts a the Palais Omnisport arena in October 1989.

Put It There
Paul McCartney with his father, James, and brother Mike.


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