Monday, March 26, 2012

Teddy Boy

Album track from the 1970 "McCartney" album. As always with Paul, it has a nice melody, and is fairly easy to play if you are into that. Sounds to me like a throwback to the "White Album" days.

"Teddy Boys," incidentally, was a term with which Paul would have been quite familiar. It was a name for young English toughs in the '50s who adopted peculiar throwback fashions and styles in the clothes they wore and the cars they drove. Digging even deeper into this, Ringo Starr played a Teddy Boy in the 1973 British film "That'll Be the Day," whose plot has certain general similarities to McCartney's song.

And going to the final level on this, one of Paul's songs on follow-up album "Ram," "Monkberry Moon Delight," has a definite rockabilly feel to it. Early Teddy Boys were associated with that genre, so for some reason these early influences on his life were on Paul's mind right after the breakup of the Beatles.

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