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This Boy - Ed Sullivan Show

This Boy

The Beatles performed "This Boy" on their second appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show on 16 February 1964. Thus, it was part of their introduction to the general public in the United States, and, obviously, things went well. Personally, I think they look a little more confident in this second appearance than the first.

This Boy

"This Boy" was written by John Lennon and released in November 1963 as the B-side to "I Want To Hold Your Hand" in the United Kingdom. It appears as the third track of side one of the 1964 album "Meet the Beatles!" More recently, "This Boy" has been remastered and put on "Past Masters, Volume One" in 1988 and versions appear on "Anthology 1" and "On Air - Live at the BBC Volume 2."

This Boy

Paul McCartney recalls:
This Boy was another hotel-bedroom song, twin beds, one afternoon somewhere; we had arrived around one o'clock. We had a couple of hours to kill, so we thought, Well, let's write one. Rather like the hotel where we wrote She Loves You. It's funny, I remember the room and the position of the beds: John and I sitting on twin beds, the G-Plan furniture, the British hotel with olive green and orange everywhere, that marvelous combination, the colors of vomit.
McCartney also has said:
It was very co-written. We wanted to do a close-harmony thing, we liked harmonies and we were quite good at them. We used to do a close-harmony version of the Teddy Bears' To Know Her Is To Love Her, which was good for the versatility in the band. We weren't all rock 'n' roll, we could change the pace, which was always nice after you'd played for three hours. We wrote it in two-part harmony and then put the third part in for George to sing; we'd never actually tried to write something like that. Nice middle, John sang that great, then we'd go back into the close-harmony thing.
Lennon is usually given most of the credit for "This Boy" and sang lead, but this is one of those times when McCartney wants full recognition for his contribution to a "John" song.

This Boy

"This Boy" was such a good melody that even George Martin had success with it:
I had scored an instrumental version of This Boy as part of the background music, and I used it for the sequence where Ringo is wandering by the river. We called it 'Ringo's Theme', and it got into the charts in America as an orchestral record – that pleased me somewhat.
When an orchestral tune could get on the charts in the mid-1960s, you were doing something right.

Anthology 1
"This Boy" was included on "Anthology 1."


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