Monday, April 23, 2012

Classic Paul Interviews.

A few fun Paul interviews, the first with Michael Parkinson, the second with a local reporter in Quebec. These first two both are interesting, but Paul seems a lot more amused by the second one. The reporter rather bluntly and successfully gets Paul to show his respect for all things Quebecian (Celine Dion, French, local history and culture). Oh, and Paul sings "Yesterday" in the first clip.

And here's another, from 1984, with Johnny Carson. It practically defines the word "awkward."

Here's one with Bryant Gumbel in 1982 in which Paul talks very openly about the tight bond among the Beatles and having Linda in "Wings." This would have been during his "Tug of War" days.

Here's one with Paul and Linda on a morning chat show during the promotion of "Broad Street." Kind of an awkward interview, Linda particularly seems very stiff. However, Paul gives some interesting observations about working with Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.

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