Sunday, April 15, 2012

Man We Was Lonely

Paul took a lot of criticism about his 1970 first solo album, "McCartney," but who wouldn't if they were being compared to the Beatles (Harrison and Lennon were all too quick to criticize this album)? This is a fine song, better appreciated now, I think. Paul is in fine voice, he's not trying to prove anything and is simply being mellow, and Linda chips in some nice backing vocals. This is Paul being homespun and simple, something that John (into social issues) and George (into his own spirituality) couldn't appreciate at that time.

This sounds like it could have fit in nicely on the White Album, next to Rocky Raccoon, Bungalow Bill, Martha My Dear, Happiness is a Warm Gun and pretty much everything else on it. It has a folksy feel that also complements Paul's later Monkberry Moon Delight. Comparing anyone's first effort, even Paul McCartney's, on his own to another act's culminating masterpiece "Abbey Road" was completely ridiculous and petty at the time and still is.

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