Sunday, July 29, 2012

Too Many People


"Too Many People" is a Paul McCartney album track off of "Ram" and was used as the B side of the "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" single. This is one of Paul's controversial songs of the early 1970s when he was working off of a lot of anger from the Beatles breakup and indecision about how much to sing in support of various anti-establishment influences of the time.


Paul later said about "Too Many People":
I was looking at my second solo album, Ram, the other day and I remember there was one tiny little reference to John in the whole thing. He'd been doing a lot of preaching, and it got up my nose a little bit. In one song, I wrote, "Too many people preaching practices", I think is the line. I mean, that was a little dig at John and Yoko. There wasn't anything else on it that was about them. Oh, there was "You took your lucky break and broke it in two."
Naturally, some think the entire song is directed at Lennon, especially since the very first two words are "Piss off." One can interpret the album's title, "Ram," as Paul giving John the horns. But then, it may just refer to... a ram.


 It's amusing to reflect that Paul got a lot of flack upon release of  "Ram," especially some snide comments from his former bandmates. It generally was rated a lot lower than albums from the other former Beatles around this time.


Over time, Ram's reputation has grown to the point that many think this is among Paul's best work. However, there are a lot of tracks on it that are quite good but largely forgotten due to the popularity of much of Paul's other work. "Too Many People" is one of them.


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