Friday, March 30, 2012

Paul in Rotterdam 24-3-2012 HD

McCartney in Rotterdam

Nice production throughout, his lead guitarist rocks, sounds perfect. Paul can still hit those notes, reports of the demise of his voice are premature.

"Something," Ahoy Rotterdam 24-3-2012 HD

Paul's Tribute to George Harrison

This is off his very successful "Fireman" cd from a few years ago. It is nice to see an artist of his caliber who treats his fans with respect by dressing like it is an important occasion. Very rare these days.

The Night Before [Live at Ahoy, Rotterdam - 24-03-2012]

Paul looking very dapper in his Beatles business suit. Nice performance, the concert must have been awesome.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paul Handling an odd fan onstage

Paul allows a local celebrity or performer or... something ... on stage for a promo that he turns into a humorous bit as she overstays her welcome. Hard to know how much, if any, of this was planned, though I highly doubt just anyone can simply waltz on stage at a McCartney show and do whatever they want. Who knows, maybe he met her earlier that day and gave her a break to plug whatever it is she is plugging. Oh, this is from his March 24 2012 Rotterdam show.

My Valentine [Live at Ahoy', Rotterdam - 24-03-2012

First time performed in his show, "My Valentine" sounds pretty good live. It also suits his mature voice better than a lot of his earlier tunes. It's nice to hear this version, because it gets just an occasional hint of a rock edge that is completely absent on the album version. From the March 24, 2012 Rotterdam show (five days ago as I write this).

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Goodbye (demo)

Paul was in a generous mood in the late 1960s, giving away some quality songs to others. This one he gave to Welsh singer Mary Hopkins. She had a big hit with it, but there are some who would say that Paul's demo is better than her finished product. This ultimately found its way onto one of the Beatles' Anthology cds, even though it was all Paul, all the time.

Spin it On

Late Wings, Paul trying something different as usual. My take on this is that he is trying a Van Halen vibe. Didn't really fit with Wings, but, well, nice try!

The McCartney family talk about 'Linda McCartney, Life In Photographs'

Kind of rare to see the kids this up close and personal.

Fan Video - Monkberry Moon Delight

I don't post many fan videos on here, but there are some awesome pictures of Paul in here that I certainly have never seen before. My hat is off to the creator!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Teddy Boy

Album track from the 1970 "McCartney" album. As always with Paul, it has a nice melody, and is fairly easy to play if you are into that. Sounds to me like a throwback to the "White Album" days.

"Teddy Boys," incidentally, was a term with which Paul would have been quite familiar. It was a name for young English toughs in the '50s who adopted peculiar throwback fashions and styles in the clothes they wore and the cars they drove. Digging even deeper into this, Ringo Starr played a Teddy Boy in the 1973 British film "That'll Be the Day," whose plot has certain general similarities to McCartney's song.

And going to the final level on this, one of Paul's songs on follow-up album "Ram," "Monkberry Moon Delight," has a definite rockabilly feel to it. Early Teddy Boys were associated with that genre, so for some reason these early influences on his life were on Paul's mind right after the breakup of the Beatles.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Golden Slumbers - Carry That Weight - The End (Demo Version)

I include this demo version because it is slightly different than the final album cut, but still brilliant in this raw form. Paul lets a little more emotion creep in than in the polished version. Can't get too many versions of this, in my opinion, the best single medley in rock history.


Off of "McCartney II," Paul had a top 10 hit in the UK with this. It's another song that just didn't translate across the Atlantic, as it didn't even make the to 100 in the States. Not to my taste, particularly, as I find Paul's tendency toward choir-boy vocals a bit off-putting, but the English love this track, maybe you will, too.

Come and Get It (live)

Paul in Bologna, Italy, November 2011. Paul was hired to do the score for a Peter Sellers film, "The Magic Christian," and he prepared this song for a new group, "Badfinger." That song propelled Badfinger into the limelight and created an entire successful career for its members (and that is no exaggeration, they re-used this song in 1978 when they needed a new record contract). Aside from the (famous) demo he did one morning before an "Abbey Road" session, he never recorded or performed this publicly at any other time prior to this (to my knowledge). Note that Paul speaks pretty good Italian, which I'm sure for him was about as easy as learning to play the drums or produce his own records or organize a world tour or....

The Song We Were Singing (audio only)

First track off "Flaming Pie." Paul at times wallows in nostalgia, and here he goes again. A pretty song, not my favorite, but well constructed and, as always, melodic.

Heaven On A Sunday (audio only)

Some folks think only Paul's 70's-80's stuff is any good. I like his more recent stuff, too. This one has a jazzy feel to it that he developed further in "My Valentine." Off the very succesful "Flaming Pie" album.

Somedays (audio only)

A very pretty song, and Paul's voice is still in fine form. Heavy on the strings, in the vein of "Eleanor Rigby" and many other of his songs. CD track off "Flaming Pie."

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award 1990

It's kind of amazing that Paul McCartney got a lifetime achievement award over twenty years ago.

Grammys 2012 - Abbey Road Medley

Paul and his personal band are joined by Joe Walsh and others for this rousing version of the classic end of "Abbey Road."

"Wings Over America" 1976 Documentary

Well, the documentary used to be on Youtube, but it got pulled. Anyway, here is some raw footage from the tour that you might find interesting anyway.

Early Wings Footage August 1972 "Wild Life"

Paul and Wings Pull Off a Terrific Rendition of "Wild Life"

Early Wings footage, apparently from The Hague, Holland, August 20, 1972.  The band sounds tight and the concert footage and stage videos are a trip back in time. Paul is in fine form, wish the rest of the concert were available.

"Wild Life" is a fabulous environmental anthem from back before it was cool. What a concert this must have been for those lucky enough to be there. You can tell they are putting everything into this song, nothing is assumed as perhaps during the "Wings Over America" days when they knew they were a hit and just had to show up and sing whatever. I think what I'm trying to say is that he sounds strong, alive, in control and powerful, no wimpy, playful Paul here.

The album version is not nearly as good as this live performance. In fact, the entire album probably was Wings' worst. But this is a great performance of a song that is great when done right, showing that sometimes it's all about the presentation. I'm told the entire concert is available somewhere.

1979 "Back to the Egg" Documentary

Rare British documentary focusing on Paul's return to Liverpool on tour. Fascinating clips of various locals who knew him as a boy. Some odd moments, with Paul not seemng particularly enthusiastic about it all at times (I think he was going through "a phase," as my mother would say), and he even sounds a bit confrontational. But it is surprisingly real and not the usual packaged product from Paul.  His old teacher (who looks very uncomfortable)  reports that he only saw Paul once since graduation, when Paul returned to repay his wife "a sixpence" that he had borrowed to see a movie.  Now why was he borrowing money from his teacher's wife....

There are a few amusing moments, such as when a clueless reporter notes at a McCartney family gathering that his family is tight, and Paul replies, "Well, they'll be tight in a minute." There is a strong class undercurrent throughout that is just... odd, with Paul going on about how his kids are in public school and how, despite unemployment rates, everyone can still get ahead in life just like he did.  He says that his job as a musician has become boring, "just like your job."

We get to see brother Michael, Auntie Jin, sister Susie, and cousin Ian.  Includes a couple of interesting Wings performances of Beatles tunes ("Got to Get You Into My Life" and "Yesterday"),  and no Wings numbers, which again is just ... odd.

Old Siam, Sir

Paul tries out his "Coming Up" voice for this one. From "Back to the Egg" (1979).

Arrow Through Me

Well, you can't blame Paul ... too much ... for trying different things and taking new directions. Here, he tries to impart a Steely Dan vibe to late disco and, well, a lot of fans like it, so here it is.