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Friday, March 30, 2012

Paul in Rotterdam 24-3-2012 HD

McCartney in Rotterdam

Nice production throughout, his lead guitarist rocks, sounds perfect. Paul can still hit those notes, reports of the demise of his voice are premature.

"Something," Ahoy Rotterdam 24-3-2012 HD

Paul's Tribute to George Harrison

This is off his very successful "Fireman" cd from a few years ago. It is nice to see an artist of his caliber who treats his fans with respect by dressing like it is an important occasion. Very rare these days.

The Night Before [Live at Ahoy, Rotterdam - 24-03-2012]

Paul looking very dapper in his Beatles business suit. Nice performance, the concert must have been awesome.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paul Handling an odd fan onstage

Paul allows a local celebrity or performer or... something ... on stage for a promo that he turns into a humorous bit as she overstays her welcome. Hard to know how much, if any, of this was planned, though I highly doubt just anyone can simply waltz on stage at a McCartney show and do whatever they want. Who knows, maybe he met her earlier that day and gave her a break to plug whatever it is she is plugging. Oh, this is from his March 24 2012 Rotterdam show.

My Valentine [Live at Ahoy', Rotterdam - 24-03-2012

First time performed in his show, "My Valentine" sounds pretty good live. It also suits his mature voice better than a lot of his earlier tunes. It's nice to hear this version, because it gets just an occasional hint of a rock edge that is completely absent on the album version. From the March 24, 2012 Rotterdam show (five days ago as I write this).