Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Back Seat of my Car

Some nice orchestration on this, has that George Martin feel to it.

Too Many People

Album track off of "Ram." It's amusing to reflect that Paul got a lot of flack upon release of the this album, especially some snide comments from his former bandmates, but, over time, this album's rep has grown to the point that many think this is among Paul's best work.


Album track off of "Band on the Run." Listening to tracks like this really hammers home how important Linda was to the Wings sound. Maybe not the most polished singer, she contributed.

Some People Never Know

Off of "Wild Life," the debut album of Wings. Nice harmonies on this track.

Bip Bop

Off of Wings' first album, "Wild Life." Kind of a throw-away song, though, as with just about any Paul song, there are those who claim this is one of his top compositions. "Wild Life" is a fun album, not full of big hits but with interesting sounds.

Picasso's Last Words

Another classic off of "Band on the Run.'


One of the most under-rated songs in the entire career of Paul McCartney.