Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Coming Up" Live

Wings Performing "Coming Up" Live

This is not the Glasgow performance that became the radio hit. This is more like the album version, sort of midway between the album and the raucous Glasgow version. All are nice versions. I believe that this is from the Concert for Kampuchea. This is a nice version, with the full Wings lineup along with a full horn section. It is  a very clean take, Paul knows how to make the sound come out just right. I'm sure I don't have to tell you how extremely difficult it is to get a live performance to sound this similar to the album version. It is so close that when Paul varies his phrasing just slightly, you really notice it (if you are familiar with the original, of course).

Incidentally, if that indeed is Linda doing the high-pitched chorus refrain (I suppose I always just assumed it was her, but still), this song is probably her biggest contribution to the band. Very unique sound, never duplicated or copied. Very tight band, I must say.

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