Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rockshow (Short Version)

Wings at its Peak

Film of Wing's epic 1976 Wings Over America tour. This was filmed at the Seattle Kingdom by Harvey Weinstein and his brother, in Weinstein's first ever production.

I don't believe I am overstating the case when I say that this was the greatest tour of the 1970s, which arguably had the greatest tours of all time, and this filmed concert may have been the best show on the tour. Lots to dispute there, but I think the argument can be made. Note a couple of things: 1) Wings had its best line-up, as McCartney himself notes, and this was a unique moment in the group's history; McCartney himself was at his vocal peak, Denny was playing well, Joe English was pounding those drums with gusto, Jimmy McCulloch was coming out with deadly riffs, even Linda looked excited with her backup vocals and keyboard playing.. 2) they had all the bells and whistles for this show, with a horn section and everything else. The sound quality is amazing, you could have recorded any of these songs and released them as singles and they would have done quite well.

Any group can go out and put on a good show. This was an event. Big difference.

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