Thursday, August 15, 2013

Paul and Justin Bieber

When You're a Rock Legend, You Work With Whom You Want

Justin Bieber is popular. He has more twitter followers than just about anyone on earth - and that's no exaggeration, he even has more than Lady Gaga for goodness sakes! - and teenage girls swoon at his mere mention.

Paul McCartney is not a teenage girl.

McCartney reportedly nixed a duet offer from Justin almost as fast as they presented it to him.

Justin apparently felt that a duet with McCartney would boost his artistic edge in the singing world. Paul, however, didn’t agree. He also wasn’t eager to risk tarnishing “his stellar reputation” by singing with Justin, who wears really weird drop-crotch pants.

According to the Globe, “Paul feared it would tarnish his stellar reputation.  He turned Justin down flat!”

Loosely translated, "You screwed one of my best songs, "Let it Be"

Now, Paul McCartney did a duet with Stevie Wonder. Paul McCartney did a couple of very successful duets with Michael Jackson. Paul McCartney did another duet with Stevie Wonder.

The simple truth is that Paul McCartney — to put it lightly — isn’t really in the need to gain popularity and/or relevance. He has credibility to burn, even with many within Justin's demographic. And he isn't quite in the Frank Sinatra stage of his career where he would sing duets with anyone who came calling, including Bono (reportedly, Sinatra never met Bono, they sang their parts on different continents).

Songwriting skills: compare and contrast

Of course, it undoubtedly was "Bieber's people" who contacted "Paul's people," and there were "scheduling conflicts." But Paul certainly found time to meet with Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp when he asked them to film music videos for him. Scheduling time wasn't so precious then. According to Natalie, he even cooked her a veggie burger.

Word is that Bieber now will “hook up with people who write darker, edgier songs hoping one of the tunes will capture Paul’s attention.”

Naturally, Justin Bieber has so many haters online that it didn't take long before a slew of parody images was created memorializing this epic moment in pop history.

Maybe this is all rumor and there's no truth to it. I've probably alienated all sorts of teenage girls with this post. But I am weak, and this is too funny. It makes for a great story!

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