Monday, November 4, 2013

'Save Us' - Live on Hollywood Boulevard

'Save Us' - Live on Hollywood Boulevard

On September 23, 2013 Hollywood Boulevard in LA was closed down for Paul to perform live for Jimmy Kimmel Live. This video has all sorts of shots of Paul arriving by helicopter at dusk, then playing into the night.

It's not a bad little record of the day, though I personally could have done without all the blatant "Jimmy Kimmel" signs. We get it, Jimmy, this was done for your show. I suppose that if you're a fan of both Paul and Jimmy, you'll be in heaven with this video.

As for the song itself, it's not bad. It's inoffensive, taken from the 2013 "New" album. "Save Us" is a generic pop tune, without a whole lot of originality, but certainly tuneful enough and with a somewhat catchy guitar riff. It is reminiscent of a lesser Billy Joel tune, a sound which Paul tends to mimic for some reason now and then, as in "Biker Like an Icon." Not bad as a filler tune on his new album, which overall is very popular.

Paul McCartney Jimmy Kimmel Live
A sound check before the show.

"New" (the album) has done quite well on the charts. As with virtually all of Paul's albums, it was top-3 in quite a few places, most importantly the major US, UK and Japanese markets. It even managed to squeak out a No. 1 in Norway, so, technically at least, it is yet another No. 1 album for the master. As far as I can tell, it is the first time one of Paul's original studio albums has hit No. 1 on any country chart (at least a country of any size at all) since his 1989 "Flowers in the Dirt," which was No. 1 in the UK and... Norway. That 24-year gap in time could be some kind of record, but Paul has so many of those records I'm sure nobody would even notice.

Paul is experiencing a bit of a late-career revival. Things certainly are looking better for him than they were in the "Driving Rain" to "Chaos and Creation in the Backyard" days, when he seemed to have run out of gas.

So, anyway, there you go. I guess the Norwegians are Paul's most loyal fans! But everyone still loves Paul.

Paul McCartney Jimmy Kimmel Live


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