Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wings - "Wonderful Christmastime" - Live During UK Tour 1979

Paul McCartney Wonderful Christmastime

From Paul McCartney and Wings' final concert of their 1979 UK Tour, this is a live performance of "Wonderful Christmastime" - from December 17, 1979 in Glasgow, Scotland. A new single at the time, this is a rare live performance of the song by Wings - who would go on to perform live together just one more time at the Concert for the People of Kampuchea on December 29th, 1979.

Paul McCartney and Wings Wonderful Christmastime

Note how Wings are not as tight as they were on many other songs, with shaky backup vocals. However, this remains a fabulous rendition that truly was live, and not "sort of live" as is so often the case with major artists today.

Paul McCartney and Wings Wonderful Christmastime
Linda McCartney

The reality is that this was a Paul McCartney song, not really a Wings song at all, though Wings did perform it a few times and the members of the band did appear in Paul's video for the single.

Paul McCartney and Wings Wonderful Christmastime

This song has made Paul a wealthy man, though it is often derided and hardly considered a classic by many of his fans. He has made tens of millions of dollars from this song alone.

Paul McCartney and Wings Wonderful Christmastime
Ho, ho, ho!

You could throw out his entire Beatles, Wings and subsequent solo career, and Paul McCartney would still be a very wealthy man just from this one tune.

Paul McCartney and Wings Wonderful Christmastime


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sir Paul Takes in a Basketball Game

Paul McCartney Nets Sixers

Sir Paul McCartney takes in the NBA Sixers at Nets game in New Jersey on December 16, 2013. No courtside seat for Sir Paul, though he does have his bodyguard handy.

Apparently, it was free tee-shirt night or something like that, and Paul got into the spirit of things and tried to snag one. Unfortunately, the shirt dropped a little short and Paul is seen remonstrating with the bloke in in front of him who got it in a good-natured way.

When you grow up in Liverpool in the 1950s, you learn to appreciate the little things in life. Paul is very much a New Yorker, though, and this is something New Yorkers do.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Letting Go (live)

Paul Linda McCartney
Paul and Linda at the "Sgt. Pepper" launch party

Sun Life Stadium, Miami, 4/3/10 (that's April 3, 2010 for you European types). ;)

My pick of most underrated Macca tune. This is just a sterling performance, practically single-quality. This guy is almost 70 years old when he did this! Just amazing.

This was on "Venus and Mars." It is about Paul's love for wife Linda (who is a co-writer on the tune, but that was probably just for peculiar legal reasons). Released as a single, it flopped for a Wings tune at their height of their prowess. However, it endures, and obviously Paul himself still thinks quite highly of it.

Anyway, I repeat that it is just about the most underrated tune in the entire Paul McCartney catalog, capturing a '70s vibe without sounding dated.