Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Letting Go (live)

Paul Linda McCartney
Paul and Linda at the "Sgt. Pepper" launch party

Sun Life Stadium, Miami, 4/3/10 (that's April 3, 2010 for you European types). ;)

My pick of most underrated Macca tune. This is just a sterling performance, practically single-quality. This guy is almost 70 years old when he did this! Just amazing.

This was on "Venus and Mars." It is about Paul's love for wife Linda (who is a co-writer on the tune, but that was probably just for peculiar legal reasons). Released as a single, it flopped for a Wings tune at their height of their prowess. However, it endures, and obviously Paul himself still thinks quite highly of it.

Anyway, I repeat that it is just about the most underrated tune in the entire Paul McCartney catalog, capturing a '70s vibe without sounding dated.

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