Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sir Paul Takes in a Basketball Game

Paul McCartney Nets Sixers paulmccartney.filminspector.com
Paul loves Hoops.

Sir Paul McCartney takes in the NBA Sixers at Nets game in New Jersey on December 16, 2013. No courtside seat for Sir Paul, though he does have his bodyguard handy.

Apparently, it was free tee-shirt night or something like that, and Paul got into the spirit of things and tried to snag one. Unfortunately, the shirt dropped a little short and Paul is seen remonstrating with the bloke in front of him who got it in a good-natured way.

When you grow up in Liverpool in the 1950s, you learn to appreciate the little things in life. Paul is very much a New Yorker, though, and this is something New Yorkers do.


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