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Eerie Photo of Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney Linda McCartney Keith Moon
Keith Moon and the McCartneys, September 6, 1978.

This is an eerie photo of Paul McCartney. Why? It is eerie because of what happened right after this photo was taken. It is sort of a history lesson for Paul fans.

Keith Moon was the drummer for The Who. He also was a talented songwriter, and did occasional backing vocals for them and others, though he wasn't a very good singer.

Moon was the prototypical out-of-control rock star who (according to those who knew him) destroyed hotel rooms, blew up toilets and the like.

Paul McCartney Linda McCartney Keith Moon
The two friends a couple of years earlier.

The Beatles became friends with Moon, leading to occasional collaborations. In 1967, Moon contributed backing vocals to "All You Need Is Love". On 15 December 1969, Moon joined John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band for a live performance at the Lyceum Theatre in London for a UNICEF charity concert. In 1972 the performance was released as a companion disc to Lennon and Ono's album, Some Time in New York City. Moon kept in touch with John and Paul, the rock and roll fraternity was a small one.

In 1978, he was renting the same rooms as "Mama" Cass Elliott had been living in at the time of her death, in London. Paul and Linda McCartney invited Moon to a preview of Paul's film "The Buddy Holly Story," which they attended on September 6, 1978. Afterward, they dined at Peppermint Park in Covent Garden.

Paul McCartney Linda McCartney Keith Moon

The McCartneys, Paul, and Linda, are talking in this photo with Keith Moon over dinner that night. Moon was a big drunker and indulged as much as any rock star during the 1970s. Moon was probably excited over the recent release of "Who Are You," you can see the excitement in his face. Paul and Wings, of course, were at the peak of their popularity.

Soon after this picture was taken, they parted.

Moon was found dead in bed on September 7, 1978. He had overdosed on a drug prescribed to combat alcoholism.

That is the last picture ever taken of Keith Moon.

Paul McCartney Linda McCartney Keith Moon


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