Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Flashback: 1963

Paul McCartney Astrid Kirchherr Tenerife 1963 paulmccartney.filminspector.com

Paul McCartney & Astrid Kirchherr in Tenerife, 1963.

Just a flashback. Paul has changed. And yet, he hasn't. 1963.

Monday, September 29, 2014

"Meat Free Monday" from Paul

Paul in the video

Paul gives us a simple ditty which actually quite catchy about one of his pet causes, meat-free Mondays. Paul's simple anthem-like driving tunes like this are often his most compelling compositions, though they aren't taken seriously by most people.

The song actually dates back to 2009, when Paul co-founded the meat-free effort with his daughters Mary and Stella.

The video features people from all over the world holding up signs with the song's lyrics, including Paul friends like Woody Harrelson, Twiggy and actress Joanna Lumley. McCartney himself makes a wide-smiled appearance at the end. You have to pay attention to spot them.

It's easy to be critical about this sort of thing, but Paul is simply making a suggestion. He's probably ahead of his time - maybe 100 years ahead of his time for all I know - but that's his thing, it makes him happy, and that's AOK with me, Hondo.

From the youtube page:


A lyric video to celebrate the Meat Free Monday campaign’s fifth anniversary.

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos!

Video created by Sarah Randell

Wings' "Call Me Back Again" - New Video

Call Me Back Again paulmccartney.filminspector.com
Call Me Back Again

"Call Me Back Again" is from the 1975 Wings album "Venus and Mars." It is a fine album track, with Beatles-esque harmonies that weren't really appreciated at the time.

Paul is re-releasing the old Wings catalog, and "Venus and Mars" is getting the deluxe treatment. So, this album track, which featured heavily on mid-70s Wings set lists and was on Wings Over America, the classic Wings live album set, gets a brand new music video to accompany the release.

Incidentally, if you watch the video, you may wonder what the numbers mean - and rest assured, they always mean something. MPL is not chary about letting that information out for us plebians to understand, so let's have at it, shall we:

  • GAR 6922 was the McCartney family phone number when Paul was growing up at Forthlin Road [MPL];
  • Venus and Mars was released on May 27th 1975, thus the number 270575.
Please don't call the numbers - Paul doesn't live there any more.

This is just a fascinating continuing project. Imagine, if you will, a world in which Shakespeare could come back and illustrate a portfolio of his plays for us, or Caruso could return and re-record his best operas. They could say, "Why are you overlooking this one? It has a deeper meaning than any of the the others, and here's why. But you've completely forgotten it!"

That is roughly what is going on here, and you can take that analogy any which way that you want to in your head. This continuing retrospective can't last forever, so enjoying this while it lasts is the key.

The Venus and Mars album cover was an ubiquitous sight in the mid-1970s

The video heralds the deluxe treatments that the former Beatle is giving both "Venus and Mars," and the following year's "Wings at the Speed of Sound." The former featured the hit single "Listen to What the Man Said," while the latter contained fan favorites "Silly Love Songs" and "Let 'Em In."

The two-disc deluxe versions, which both will come out on 4 November 2014, have been expanded to include demos and previously unreleased tracks, as well as a remastered copy of the original album. The three-disc configuration contains a hardback book with previously unpublished photos, interviews with McCartney, track-by-track info and a bonus DVD with footage from around the time each record was released.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Some Paul McCartney GIFs

Paul McCartney GIFs paulmccartney.filminspector.com
Paul having a bit of fun

Just a bunch of Paul/Beatles GIFs for really no reason at all. Most of them are from "A Hard Day's Night" because there are just a lot of awesome moments from that film, but there is something from each of the Beatles' films. I don't think there is anything post-Beatles, actually, so that will have to be a project for another day.

Even if Paul McCartney is not the sole focus of each GIF, he is at least in them somewhere along with John Lennon, Ringo Starr and John Lennon. Jane Asher even gets into one, as does George Martin. The Beatles in every sense were an ensemble, playing off each other as much as playing along with each other, and these GIFs hopefully bring that out.