Monday, September 29, 2014

"Meat Free Monday" from Paul
Paul in the video.

Paul gives us a simple ditty which actually quite catchy about one of his pet causes, meat-free Mondays. Paul's simple anthem-like driving tunes like this are often his most compelling compositions, though they aren't taken seriously by most people.

The song actually dates back to 2009, when Paul co-founded the meat-free effort with his daughters Mary and Stella.

The video features people from all over the world holding up signs with the song's lyrics, including Paul friends like Woody Harrelson, Twiggy and actress Joanna Lumley. McCartney himself makes a wide-smiled appearance at the end. You have to pay attention to spot them.

It's easy to be critical about this sort of thing, but Paul is simply making a suggestion. He's probably ahead of his time - maybe 100 years ahead of his time for all I know - but that's his thing, it makes him happy, and that's AOK with me, Hondo.

From the youtube page:

"A lyric video to celebrate the Meat Free Monday campaign’s fifth anniversary.

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos!

Video created by Sarah Randell"


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