Friday, January 30, 2015

Paul Returning to Japan in 2015

Paul McCartney Wings
Our favorite itinerant former Beatle performs at a concert in Atlanta in October 2014. 

Paul McCartney is returning to Japan.

One is tempted to put after that, 'for more punishment,' but I will be kind.

Paul has had more personal issues with his (scheduled) Japanese tours than anywhere else on earth (and he plays a lot of places. Playing in Red Square in Moscow is nothing next to getting on the stage in Tokyo.

Twice, Paul has gone to the trouble of jetting to Japan - basically just a comfortable overnight flight for a man with his resources - only to wind up not playing a single note. Yes, he did manage to pull it off somehow in the early '90s, but that was the exception that proves the rule.

Paul, good luck and godspeed. Just don't fly there on Malaysian Airlines, okay?

I hope Paul gets some rest for his voice, he sounds kind of squeaky in that video above. Let's hope that he's not coming down with something ... again.

He has announced that he will be performing in Japan in April to make up for canceling the previous 2014 tour in the country. Now 72, Paul arrived in Japan in May last year for shows in Tokyo and Osaka. However, he called off all of his performances after coming down with a virus. At least that was a better reason than 1980, when he couldn't perform because he was in jail.

Paul McCartney Wings

“We’re coming back, and we are going to rock, we’re going to roll, we’re going to do it together. Let’s have some fun,” Paul wheezes in his video message above, made available January 29, 2015.

He has a (surprisingly light) schedule in Japan of only four dates - which, all things considered and with no intended slight on our Japanese friends, is probably wise. One wonders at the economics of hauling all his stuff and people over there for such a limited schedule, but, hey, he's the billionaire, not me.

According to Kyodo Tokyo Inc., which is organizing the tour, Mr. McCartney will perform on April 21 in Osaka and on April 23, 25 and 27 at Tokyo Dome. Tickets are available for reservation starting at ¥14,000 ($118).

The betting is that if demand is there, Paul will add some dates. That's the way Paul rolls, he likes to satisfy the fans when he can. Once he's on the ground and happy, he would probably be willing to spend all spring there if the fans were into it. Japan also happens to be the second largest record outlet in the world after the U.S., so it's good promotion as well.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Beatles Puppets!

Post by 13 C.

Beatles puppets!

This is too cute to ignore. Credit where credit is due, this is a great homage to Paul and the boys!