Monday, April 23, 2012

Classic Paul Interviews.

Paul McCartney BBC interview
Paul McCartney on the BBC, 1967.

Just for something different, here are a few classic and fun Paul McCartney interviews. Paul McCartney very well may be the most interviewed person in history - at the very least, he is a contender for that title. If you look at them carefully, you can see certain patterns developing over time.

The first with Michael Parkinson, the second with a local reporter in Quebec. Paul sings some great old tunes in the first clip. It's interesting to see him without his usual band, which he didn't hire until a few years later. The second interview is from VH1 in 1995.

And here's another, from 1984, with Johnny Carson. It practically defines the word "awkward."

Next up is an interview from 1982 in which Paul discusses, among other things, the first song that he ever wrote.

Here's one from a 1967 BBC interview with Paul not looking nearly as polished as he does in his many later interviews. Paul's accent is still quite thick and he sounds a bit like John Lennon circa 1970, a bit rebellious and confined by his image and situation. These early interviews (relatively speaking) are fabulous for seeing what Paul McCartney is really all about before he learned to hide it behind the "peace and love" persona. He's obviously working hard at this time to improve, but at the same time hasn't outgrown his roots.

Below is one with Paul and Linda on a morning chat show hosted by Noel Edmonds during the promotion of "Broad Street." Kind of an awkward interview, Linda particularly seems very stiff. However, Paul gives some interesting observations about working with Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. It's amazing to see how may interviewers Paul McCartney has outlasted in his career - virtually all of them, in fact.


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