Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Valentine - featuring Natalie Portman & Johnny Depp

My Valentine

"My Valentine" is a single from Paul McCartney's February 2012 "Kisses on the Bottom" album. It is an original McCartney composition, one of only two on the album (the other songs are American standards). The black-and-white music video features the second appearance by Natalie Portman in a Paul McCartney video. Apparently, Paul and she are fans, she's had dinner at his place, etc.  Johnny Depp also appears in the music video - he later appears in the "Queenie Eye" music video.

My Valentine

In any event, you don't get better talent than Portman and Johnny Depp in your music video! While not a big favorite among many McCartney fans because it is another of his oft-mediocre steps outside the pop genre in which he became famous, "My Valentine" did relatively well for Paul on the charts in various countries. It peaked at No. 23 in Japan, made the Adult Contemporary Chart in the United States at No. 19, and appeared on the United Kingdom pop chart at No. 136. As usual with Paul's commercial offerings, the album did much better: "Kisses on the Bottom" peaked at number 3 on the UK Albums Chart and at number 5 on the US Billboard 200.

My Valentine


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