Thursday, April 26, 2012

You are My Sunshine

Paul McCartney San Stefano

Paul McCartney was in Stefano, London, UK on 7 September 1988 for a documentary. Paul breaks into an a capella rendition of "You Are My Sunshine" at the 1:09 mark of the above video. He notes afterward:
As a kid, whenever I was a bit depressed, I'd always reach out for a guitar. I still do. That's how I discovered music can heal. It can do more than just ease the pain. It can throw a lifeline to kids who can't be reached any other way. That's the power of music.
Not the best recording, but it shows Paul singing with kids, which is relatively rare for him. There also are versions of "Every Day," "Rave On," "Martin Can Sing" and "Give Me Your Love." This is a nice clip for anyone who wants to see a slightly different side of Paul beyond the big rock star who only sings his own pop music hits.


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