Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bip Bop

Paul McCartney
Paul and Linda McCartney sing "Bip Bop."

"Bip Bop" is an album track off of Paul McCartney and Wings' first album in 1971, "Wild Life." It is kind of a throw-away song, though, as with just about any Paul song, there are those who claim this is one of his top compositions. "Wild Life" is a fun album, not full of big hits but with interesting sounds. It is Paul's "forgotten album," if that is possible with such a legendary figure.

The grainy music video for "Bip Bop" - not intended as a "music video" as we know them now, but simply recorded as a promotional film - was recorded in the garden of Paul's Scotland home circa June 1971. The bluegrass-styled "Bip Bop" features Paul and Linda, with Linda's daughter Mary giggling in the background.

Paul McCartney


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