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The Back Seat of my Car

Back Seat of My Car
Apple Records released "Back Seat of My Car" in the United Kingdom.

Paul McCartney wrote "The Back Seat of My Car" in early 1969 for a film project that the Beatles were considering. As such, it was part of the "Let It Be" sessions that surfaced a year later. However, the Beatles had a lot of fine material to clear on their final album, and "The Back Seat of My Car" didn't make the cut.

Back Seat of My Car

So, rather than let a good song go to waste, Paul simply put it on his own album, "Ram," released on 13 August 1971 (the United Kingdom only). This is another of Paul's songs that has a soft, melodic pace along with some nice orchestration by the New York Philharmonic. "Back Seat of My Car" has a George Martin feel to it, but Paul and Linda are credited as producers. Paul has said:
"Back Seat of My Car" is the ultimate teenage song, and even though it was a long time since I was a teenager and had to go to a girl's dad and explain myself, it's that kind of meet-the-parents song. It's a good old driving song. [Sings] "We can make it to Mexico City." I've never driven to Mexico City, but it's imagination. And obviously "back seat" is snogging, making love.
While John Lennon took offense to the song as a sort of veiled attack on him, it seems more reflective of Paul's own infatuation with Linda McCartney. In any event, it is a pretty song and very underrated, but enjoyed more by music critics than by the public. Released as a single in the UK only, "Back Seat of My Car" topped out only at No. 39 during a low period for McCartney on the charts. Paul appears to have completely forgotten "Back Seat of My Car" and never plays it at concerts.

Back Seat of My Car


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