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"This Boy" live on Ed Sullivan, Plus 1964 Pictures Beatles California Bel Air
The Beatles at the Reginald Owen residence in Bel Air, Calif., on Aug. 23, 1964.

"This Boy" is a "John Lennon" song. While Paul McCartney assumed a more prominent role later in the Beatles' history, here John really shines. Paul does, however, make an impact on the harmonies. Beatles Toronto 1964
The Beatles during a press conference at Toronto's Maple Leaf Center in September 1964. 

This particular performance of "This Boy" was in the ballroom of the Deauville Hotel in Miami Beach on Feb. 16, 1964. Ed Sullivan broadcast it across the country, with spectacular ratings for the second week in a row. Paul Ringo airplane
Paul and Ringo very interested in something in the paper, 1964. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr on a plane en route to a performance at San Francisco's Cow Palace on Aug. 30, 1964. Imagine being some ordinary bloke in the seat behind them! 

I'm also including all these other random photographs and artifacts from that general period because, if you're interested in the Ed Sullivan show performances, you'll probably find some of these other items of interest as well. Meet the Beatles flyer
Yes! This original early Beatles handbill promotes their show at the Aintree Institute in Liverpool in August 1961, and includes the pre-Ringo Beatles when Pete Best was the group's drummer. And here we see where hey got the name of that famous album from. Beatles autographs
Dallas hotel stationery signed by the four Beatles and their manager, Brian Epstein, for the Dallas Fan Club president, on September 18, 1964. Beatles drum kit Ludgwig
The original drum head used during the Beatles' entire first American visit in February 1964. The drum head appeared in all three "Ed Sullivan" shows, the Washington Coliseum concert and the Carnegie Hall concerts. It also was featured in the opening shot of "Let It Be" Beatles lunchbox
This Beatles Aladdin lunchbox and thermos from 1965 Beatles performing 1964
The Beatles performing in 1964 McCartney handwritten setlist Washington DC
The original stage-used setlist from the Beatles' first American concert at Washington Coliseum in Washington, D.C., on February 11, 1964. Handwritten by John Lennon on stationery from the Shoreham Hotel McCartney song lyrics What You're Doing
Paul McCartney's handwritten song lyrics for his composition, "What You're Doing," which he wrote while on tour in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in August 1964. Atlanta contract Beatles
Original performance contract for the Beatles' Atlanta concert on Aug. 18, 1965. Signed on behalf of the Beatles by manager Brian Epstein. McCartney tour jacket
Paul McCartney's 1965 tour jacket worn at the Shea Stadium concert on August 15, 1965, along with other stops along the tour, including the Hollywood Bowl. Lennon McCartney
Paul McCartney and John Lennon rehearse backstage before an August 1964 show in Detroit, Michigan


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