Thursday, April 14, 2016

In Spite of All the Danger/ You Won't See Me

Paul McCartney One to One Tour

After you've heard all the huge Beatles hits enough times, you like to have a go at some of the lesser-played tunes. These are the ones where you go, yeah, I love that little hook, such a classic. So, here we have a live performance of "In Spite of All the Danger" and "You Won't See Me," songs that I love because, more than the others, they transport me back to another time.

Anyway, I will be frank about this, it is not the best performance by Paul of either song and not the best of the night (Fresno, April 13, 2016, One on One Tour). It is deep in the show, and Paul's voice is a touch ragged (as opposed to when he came out when it was perfect). Is it worth your money, though? Hell yeah!

However, it is excellent nonetheless to hear Paul's interpretation now of these mellow songs that get so little attention but really exemplify the core sound of the early Beatles beyond the "A Hard Day's Night" smashes.


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