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Fuh You from Egypt Station

Fuh You Egypt Station
"Fuh You" by Paul McCartney.

Paul McCartney released "Fuh You," a song from his "Egypt Station" album, on 15 August 2018. Paul worked with Grammy-winning hitmaker Ryan Tedder on the song. Featuring a strong piano and harpsichord line, the song recalls meeting a lover.
I just wanna know how you feel,
I want a love that’s so proud and real,
You make me want to go out and steal
I just want it fuh you.
The producer of "Egypt Station" is Greg Kurstin. Paul has scheduled some dates in Canada and an appearance at the Austin City Limits Festival in October. "Egypt Station's release date is 7 September 2018. As for what "Fuh You" refers to, the lyrics do say "for you" at certain points.

Fuh You Egypt Station

Paul took the rare step of releasing a video after the release in which he talks about the creative process behind "Fuh You." This also touches on the general songwriting process, so it extends beyond just "Fuh You":
"Fuh You." Certain songs are kind of written in advance of your recording sessions, and then certain other songs you make up in the studio and you're just thinking of ideas as you go along.  So, with this one, I was in the studio with Ryan, Ryan Tedder, whereas the rest of the album has been made with Greg Kursten. But for this one, we were just thinking of ideas and little pieces of melody and chords and the song just came together bit by bit. And then, I would try and make some sort of sense of the story... So that was the basic idea and it developed from there. That's sort of a love song, but a raunch love song. There you go. Fuh you.
If that makes anything clearer.

Fuh You Egypt Station

Egypt Station Track List:
  • 1. “Opening Station”
  • 2. “I Don’t Know”
  • 3. “Come On To Me”
  • 4. “Happy With You”
  • 4. “Who Cares”
  • 5. “Fuh You”
  • 6. “Confidante”
  • 7. “People Want Peace”
  • 8. “Hand In Hand”
  • 9. “Dominoes”
  • 10. “Back In Brazil”
  • 11. “Do It Now”
  • 12. “Caesar Rock “
  • 13. “Despite Repeated Warnings”
  • 14. “Station II”
  • 15. “Hunt You Down/Naked/C-Link”

Fuh You Egypt Station
"Egypt Station."


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